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A 7-day miracle solution with extensive content to study effectively for any exam.

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Access to free data and Roducate subscription for your learning.

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Get 30 years worth of past questions and tasks for examinations.

7-Day guide to exam success

Access all the resources to study and pass national
examinations like Common Entrance, WAEC, JAMB, BECE,
GCE and NDA.

Take Mock Examinations and Tasks to simulate your exams
and test your knowledge.

“Lagos State public school students doubled their pass
rate in WAEC examinations from 40% to 80% within a year
of using Roducate for learning.”

Roducate milestones

Achieved 100% Pass Rate.

The remarkable achievement of Lagos State public
school students in doubling their pass rate in WAEC
examinations from 40% to 80% within a year is a
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Professional Skills

Without Roducate 40%
Pass rate after using Roducate 80%


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I have been using Roducate for a few months now, and my grades have improved significantly. It is a must-have for all students.

Idris Salihu


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airtel Exam Success?

Airtel Exam Success is designed to help students excel in their exams including Common Entrance, GCE, NECO, JAMB and other national exams in the West African curriculum. It is a bundled data offering with convenient and affordable access to Roducate’s high-quality exam preparation resources, such as lesson notes and podcasts, tutorial videos, practice tasks, past questions and mock exams. On Airtel Exam Success, students are able to utilize the 7-day exam study guides which were curated by certified examiners and have proven highlly successful for many students across Africa

What types of bundles of Airtel Exam Success are available?

There are 4 Airtel Exam Success bundles:

  • The Exam Success Plus bundle costs N2000 and includes a physical pack with a free Airtel SIM card, 4GB free data and 1 month
  • The Exam Success Lite bundle offers 30 days access to the Exam Success module only and costs N1000.
  • The Exam Success Mini bundle provides 15 days access to the Exam Success module and is priced at N500.
  • The Mock Exams bundle costs N250 and provides 7 days access to the Mock Exams module only

How can I subscribe to Airtel Exam Success using USSD?

Make payment for the Airtel Exam Success bundles by dialling any of the following USSD codes:

  • Exam Success Plus (N2000), dial *312*451#
  • Exam Success Lite (N1000), dial *312*452#
  • Exam Success Mini (N500), dial *312*453#
  • Mock Exams (N250), dial *312*454#.
Dial any of the USSD shortcodes above to receive a successful activation message with the URL to download Roducate.

Where can I purchase the Airtel Exam Success bundles?

Airtel Exam Success bundles can be purchased at Airtel experience centres, through Airtel-partnered agents, online on Roducate’s website, or through partnered educational associations in Nigeria

If you are already an existing Airtel subscriber, purchase an Airtel Exam Success bundle by dialling:

  • *312*451# – Exam Success Plus
  • *312*452# – Exam Success Lite
  • *312*453# – Exam Success Mini
  • *312*454# – Mock Exams

How do I use the Airtel Exam Success package?

Step 1:
Simply insert the Airtel Exam Success SIM card in any mobile device.

For existing Airtel subscribers, input any of the USSD codes on your mobile device to purchase an Airtel Exam Success bundle.

Step 2:
Next, click the link that pops up to download the Roducate app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Step 3:
Follow the prompts to sign up to Roducate, then select your exam and subject combo.

Open Day 1 of your Exam Success plan and commence your studies!

How can I renew my Airtel Exam Success Bundle?

To renew your exisiting Airtel Exam Success bundle, simply dial any of the USSD shortcodes below to purchase any of the available bundles:

  • *312*451# – Exam Success Plus
  • *312*453# – Exam Success Mini
  • *312*454# – Mock Exams

You can renew your existing bundle or upgrade to another bundle of your choice.

Do I have to register the free Airtel SIM card that comes with Exam Success Plus physical pack?

Registration is not required for the free Airtel SIM card provided in your Exam Success Plus pack.
Simply activate the SIM card at any Airtel Experience Centre, at no extra charge. Once activated, you can immediately begin using it.

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