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Roducate milestones

Achieved 100% Pass Rate.

The remarkable achievement of Lagos State public
school students in doubling their pass rate in WAEC
examinations from 40% to 80% within a year is a
testament to the invaluable assistance provided by

Professional Skills

Without Roducate 40%
Pass rate after using Roducate 80%

How Schools benefit from Roducate

Quality Teaching Materials

Access a wide range of educational resources, including lesson notes, videos, tasks, and assessments.

Acquire More Students

Increase performance rates of students by creating a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Increase Revenue

Join our community and discover new ways to generate extra revenue.

Exam Prep

Get your students ready to pass any school or national examinations directly from their mobile phones or tablets.

Resources for all Ages and

Track your students’ learning and get access to study
materials including videos, podcasts, lecture notes,
mock exams and tasks.

Exam Success

Exam Prep is easier with Roducate

Access all the resources to study and pass
examinations such as JAMB/UTME, WASSCE, BECE,
GCE, Common Entrance, NDA etc.

Mock Examinations and Tasks to improve your
students’ readiness




Tertiary Institution

Well Delivered Lectures & Videos for
Curriculum-based Learning

Learning never stops, and neither should you.

Learn at your own pace and have fun with our immersive learning modules.


From the Roducate Community

Discover how our innovative and supportive learning environment have
helped simplify learning to achieve exam success

I have been using Roducate for a few months now, and my grades have improved significantly. It is a must-have for all students.

Idris Salihu


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roducate, and how does it benefit schools?

Roducate is an online learning platform that provides schools with access to a wide range of educational resources, including interactive lessons, multimedia materials, and assessments. By using Roducate, schools can save time and money by accessing pre-made lesson plans, monitor student progress through real-time data tracking, and enhance the quality of their teaching.

Is Roducate accessible to all schools?

Yes, Roducate is designed to be accessible to all schools, regardless of their size or location. We offer a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, and provides a range of resources that can help schools improve their teaching and learning outcomes.

Can Roducate help schools personalise their teaching and learning?

Yes, Roducate provides schools with the tools they need to personalise their teaching and learning to meet the needs of individual students. We offers a range of resources, including mock exams, lesson notes and videos, podcasts, past examination questions and assessments, that enable teachers to identify their students strengths and weaknesses and focus their teaching accordingly.