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Why do you need to see a counsellor

Future Career Prospects

With certified counsellors, you can explore different career paths and build the skills that align with your goals.

Academic Advice

Receive the guidance and encouragement you need to succeed, whether you're looking to improve your study skills or find the right resources for your success


From the Roducate Community

Discover how our innovative and supportive learning environment has helped simplify learning to achieve exam success.

I have been using Roducate for a few months now, and my grades have improved significantly. It is a must-have for all students.

Idris Salihu


Frequently Asked Questions

How can students access counselling services on Roducate?

Students can access counselling services on Roducate by signing up for an account and selecting the counselling service. Once they have subscribed, they will have access to qualified counsellors who can provide support and guidance on a range of issues.

Who are the counsellors and why do you need one?

The counsellors on Roducate are trained to give advice, help and guidance to student with academic or career difficulties. Roducate counsellors are chosen from persons with specialised skills working with youths and children, with core knowledge of counselling and education.

What kind of issues can students seek counselling support for on Roducate?

The counselling service on Roducate is designed to help students deal with a range of issues, including academic and career related issues. The service is confidential and non-judgmental, and counsellors are trained to provide support and guidance in a sensitive and compassionate manner.