Roducate Educational
Intervention Device

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Google Certified Device

Free Data included

Parental Control

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Why You Should Buy R.E.I.D

Enhanced Learning without restrictions

With free data, learning never stops.

Privacy & Parental Control

Safe learning environment.

Powerful & Fast Charging

Long-lasting battery for your everyday use.

Durable and Rugged

Built to last long.

Academic and Career Counselling

Full Curriculum for All Class Levels

Lecture Notes, Videos, and Podcast

Parental Control

Competitions and Rewards

Free Data

Roducate milestones

Achieved 100% Pass Rate.

The remarkable achievement of Lagos State public
school students in doubling their pass rate in WAEC
examinations from 40% to 80% within a year is a
testament to the invaluable assistance provided by

Professional Skills

Without Roducate 40%
Pass rate after using Roducate 80%

Endless possibilities for Learning

Educational Games, Competitions, Learning, Digital Skill Acquisition, Community Membership And More

Built for Schools and Educators

Our easy-to-use, comprehensive, and secure digital
learning program empowers administrators and teachers to
help students build essential skills and excel in their
academics. smart work.

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Our Partners and Endorsement

We are committed to increasing access to education in Nigeria and across the continent by ensuring that every child
in every home receives the ultimate learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the Roducate Devices?

Roducate devices offer a safe and controlled learning environment for children, with full parental control over external downloads and websites. They come with pre-installed Roducate Apps and content, designed to support children's learning and development.
The devices are durable, user-friendly, and have child-friendly interfaces. They are an excellent choice for parents looking for an educational support for children.

How is the content on Roducate created?

The content on Roducate is created by a team of educational experts.
The team include subject matter experts, instructional designers, content writers, and educators who work together to create high-quality educational materials that are aligned with the examination goals of students in Africa.
The content is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date.

Can sponsors get Roducate devices for students?

Sponsors can get Roducate devices for students by contacting the Roducate team and expressing their interest in sponsoring devices for schools or organizations.
The Roducate team will provide sponsors with information about the different types of devices available, as well as pricing options and any customization features.
Once a sponsor has chosen the devices they wish to sponsor, they can make payment arrangements and work with the Roducate team to arrange for the delivery and distribution of the devices.

Are there any restrictions on who can sponsor Roducate devices for students?

There are no specific restrictions on who can sponsor Roducate devices for students. Anyone who is interested in supporting education and improving access to technology for students can sponsor Roducate devices. Sponsors may include individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, or government agencies, among others.